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Our work strengthens communities and surpasses landmark limitations by offering a full range of solutions.

Ira Hayes

Ira Hayes

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Technological advancements have been slow to reach the legal services industry, but there are finally indications that this is changing. Lawyers and law firms are beginning to see the value in using technology to improve efficiency, communication, and client service. A number of firms are making use of technological advances to improve the efficiency and quality of their work.

Driven by progress and growth

Timothy Brown is the founder of the Citizen HQ app and CEO of Catch A Case, LLC. A North Carolina native, Timothy has served in the United States Marine Corps and has an extensive background in information technology, service management, and process improvement. Driven by progress and growth, Timothy graduated from Northern Arizona University and Estrella Mountain Community College with degrees in Technology Management, Education, and Cybersecurity. In addition, he is an acclaimed IT Manager with more than 30 years of experience working across multiple industries. He has always had an interest in computers and technology, and he has been turning, pivoting, and adapting his courses for 30 years to stay engaged and focused within the world of IT.

Passion is what drives us

Citizen HQ has plans of leveraging future advancements such as Satellite constellations which will reduce the burden on cell/internet networks. Voice, data, and video services are the subject of the world’s most famous satellite constellation, SpaceX’s Starlink.

Towards New Horizons

We also have an Executive Chairman named Fred Cary, who serves as the CEO of Ideapros, Inc., a corporation that assists enterprising people to achieve successful objectives.
Fred has supported hundreds of successful business people, and he was featured in Forbes, Wall Street International, USA Today, Huffington Post, and other media platforms. As a Harvard-trained attorney with over 30 years of experience, he offers a unique perspective on the development of Citizen HQ.

Citizen HQ is passionate about optimizing the law

One of our primary objectives is to cultivate a successful company. To ensure that we are moving in the right direction, to assess our progress, and make sound business decisions. We spent a great deal of time studying the legal services industry, new evolving app technologies, and market trends. By doing so, we developed our core value propositions based on marketing research data.