Timothy Brown, CEO

Timbo Circle

CEO & Founder

Timothy Brown is the founder and CEO of the Citizen HQ app.  A North Carolina native, Timothy has served in the United States Marine corps and has an extensive background in information technology, service management, and process improvement.

Driven by growth and progression, Timothy graduated from Northern Arizona University and Estrella Mountain Community College with degrees in Technology Management and Cybersecurity. In addition to his web development company, he is an accomplished IT Manager with more than 20 years of experience working across multiple industries.  He has always had an interest in technology and has adapted and pivoted his course many times on his journey to stay engaged and focused within the world of IT.


Frustrated with our nation’s broken legal system and annoyed by the institutionalized oppression, Timothy was inspired to make a difference and partnered with a venture company in San Diego to assist with the development of the CitizenHQ app. CitizenHQ is a beloved dream Timothy conceptualized to provide knowledge and affordable legal assistance to everyone.

Legal Innovation

The idea is to connect lawyers and citizens; empowering them to collaborate on legal issues and permitting instant access to law changes from state-to-state.  Timothy’s mission is to inform and educate everyone about their rights, so they are always ready and equipped to protect them.  He knows firsthand how obstacles interfere with life goals and he wants to ensure that we all can persevere successfully in what lies ahead.

Want to be Legendary?

Are you prepared for the future? You are only one click away from accessing next-generation legal innovation with the potential to bring added value to your clients through enhanced services.

Set your own work parameters in the app to generate revenue

Leverage Citizen HQ to build loyalty by maintaining client relations

Access Citizen HQ in the cloud any time any where

79% of clients want the option to work remotely with their lawyer

In 2018, only 23 of consumers were open to working with a lawyer remotely

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