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When it comes to cellphone dominance, Android emerges as the clear winner making it the most commonly used cellphone in the country. The Citizen HQ App has been developed to run efficiently on both smartphone platforms so feel free to download, install, and use our App to improve your legal health. Not to mention, making the decision to change cellphone platforms should never be made likely. This is because the switch from Android to iOS or vice versa may include the additional expense of purchasing new Apps again.

Yes, Citizen HQ will work outside of your state and across county lines. In fact, it was designed specifically to leverage our extensive database of laws to proactively alert you when laws change. Set up alerts to conveniently track laws that you find important to your business and or lifestyle.

CHQ Understands the importance of diversity which is why we are working diligently to incorporate support for multiple languages. At this time we do not guarantee support for additional languages other than English.


The Citizen HQ App will be available in all 50 states to provide you a full range of coverage 24hrs a day 365 days per week. With attorneys signing up on a daily basis our database is expanding as we prepare to go live.

Getting in contact with an Attorney in your area has never been easier. If you are interested in getting started feel free to create a user account, then verify your identity by responding to the text message sent to your phone. Likewise, you can simply download the Citizen HQ App from either Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Once installed, feel free to complete your profile set up to get started immediately.


In America today there are so many laws on the books until no one government agency knows exactly how many. Not to mention, research has shown that the average citizen unknowingly breaks 3 to 4 laws per day. With so many laws it could be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Law enforcement officers in many cases have to make an arrest if they observe a law being broken or risk prison time. This makes it clear that we as citizens must have a tool designed to help us keep track of what is expected of us as citizens within the +50 states all with separate individual laws. If law enforcement needs a system to keep track of all the laws why shouldn’t you?


Can’t find your attorney located in Citizen HQ? Please feel free to share our link so they can sign up for FREE and start communicating with you immediately. Keep your attorney in your pocket to access anytime they are available to answer your questions or start a secure video conference call that is recorded for you to reference later.


If you are arrested,  involved in a court case, or if you believe you have a claim against someone else or that someone else may have a claim against you, it is recommended that you contact an attorney for advice and/or representation. An attorney can explain your rights and obligations, advise you of the possible outcomes of your case based on the facts, attempt to negotiate a resolution of your case without a trial, file legal documents on your behalf, and represent you in any hearings.